Back to Tallinn

It’s 12th of October and it’s time to go back to where it all started – Tallinn!

We have visited Käsmu, Taevaskoja and Tartu and it’s been beautiful but today at 8am we went on the bus and drove back to the capital. Everyone was tired from the night out in Tartu so the two and a half hour nap time on the bus was much appreciated. Once we got to Tallinn, we put our bags away to the beautiful apartments on Villardi Street and went to visit Playtech, an Estonian online gaming software company. We were shown around and told about the history of Playtech and how the company has grown and become one of the largest casino software suppliers. The atmosphere there was nice and very international (the official work language was English) and there were gaming machines everywhere! Afterwards I heard some people from our group discuss the morality of providing gambling software which is an interesting thought.



After visiting Playtech we had lunch in the beautiful Restoran Viktoria, had a bit of free time and then went to e-Estonia showroom. A young man in a suit told us all about how the Internet has made a lot of governmental services easier and faster (like declaring taxes, starting a business and voting online with the multifunctional Estonian ID-card). I (Mika) especially liked the visit because it was more of a discussion, not just a lecture and also I can see how other countries could benefit from following Estonia’s example: after having to deal with declaring taxes in Australia I can really appreciate the simplicity of it in Estonia.


e-Estonia Showroom

Following the informative presentation at the e-Estonia showroom, a rare privilege to chat with an employee of the NATO Cyber Defence Centre was presented to those interested. Topics discussed ranged from Estonia’s history as a front for cyber warfare and role as a leader in cyber security, as well as the controversy surrounding internet privacy and state-sponsored cyber warfare. Of particular interest was a discussion regarding Estonia’s response to the great Distributed Denial of Service Attack on a variety of governmental bodies and media outlets among other parties in 2007, which led to major reforms in Estonia’s cyber security measures. Furthermore, an exploration of internet privacy and its significance in the 21st century was both insightful and thought – provoking, hinting at the magnitude of difficulties in reaching a definitive solution to the privacy vs security debate. Following this captivating but mental strenuous discussion, it was reassuring to know there were no further activities planned for the day, as the group was in dire need of some quality rest and recuperation.

Miss all of you lots, hope we’ll see you again soon!!

Mika and Jesse