Day in Tartu

Today we arrived to beautiful Tartu which is especially known as a student town as there is the University of Tartu. The day started with a visit to the Nature House “Loodusemaja” which is a nice wooden building settled not so far from the city centre. There we discovered the work of the organisation Let’s do it! / Teeme ära! -project. “Let’s do it!” is about cleaning Estonia from the rubbish left the people in the nature. It was great to hear about their activity that they organised in 2008. More than 50 000 people participated to clean up Estonia!

After this inspiring meeting we took a quick walk in the intellectual city centre of Tartu through the cafes, libraries, churches and bookstores. After the walk we headed to the University. We took a picture together in front of the beautiful University building and then we entered inside it to hear more about the history and the study opportunities in Tartu. The University offers different opportunities for courses in English and also in Estonian. As one of the top Universities in the world it is very attractive.


Then we took a break and went for a lunch to Kapriis. The restaurant was cosy and the food was really satisfying. The lunch break did not last too long – Ahhaa science museum and Estonian national museum were waiting for us.

At the Ahhaa-museum we had a lot of fun! We discovered the science, physics and lots more through different interactive games. We took a picture in a dark room smashing a balloon with a stick. We all had funny faces in the pictures and we laughed about them.


After finishing the visit of the Ahhaa museum we headed to the Estonian National Museum “Eesti Rahvamuuseum’’ which opened the doors on the 3rd of October. The building is breath taking. Before the museum there was a soviet aviation military base on the same field. From the outside the museum is huge but when you go inside it seems even bigger. We took a guided tour in the museum and familiarized ourselves with the history of the Estonian people. The timeline covered from the exhibition begins with today Estonia and ends with ugrofinnic roots of the Estonian population.

We had a dinner in Aparaat which is located in a hipster area of Tartu. They serve the best blue cheese cake ever! We ended up the day with a beer at Pûssirohukelder where there is the highest ceiling of the world. The house red beer is very good and it is served in one litre glasses. We enjoyed the Universitarian spirit of Tartu in the pub.

We really enjoyed our stay in Tartu and were sad to leave it already next day. The Universitarian attitude, museums and the cosy cafeterias make it very liveable town!




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