October 9 – to the South!

Today is Sunday, October 9. This morning we said goodbye to Käsmu and travelled for 3 hours by bus to Taevaskoja. Taevaskoja is just 10 minutes outside Põlva, the centre of Põlva County in southeast Estonia.


We spent all morning travelling, so everyone was looking forward to some free time to explore Põlva in the late afternoon. Põlva gave us a feel for what it is like to live in a smaller town in Estonia, with a population of only 6,500 compared to Tallinn’s 440,000. The native Estonians in our group continued to coach the overseas Estonian descendants on the language skills we studied in Käsmu.


The highlight of our day was in the evening, when we met at a community centre in Põlva to learn some traditional Estonian dancing. Our local instructor taught us almost a dozen national dances, and even the members of our group born and raised in Estonian had trouble keeping up at some points. However by the end of the dance lessons everyone was warm and laughing.

We returned to Taevaskoja after dancing for dinner. Many of our group was tired from the long day and went to rest, while a few others took advantage of clear country weather to count shooting stars in the night sky.

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