5th Day – language and autum storms in Käsmu :)

5th Day

Once upon a time a wild Austonian (Australian-Estonian) appeared and yelled “F*ck this weather!”


Arriving to Käsmu, we were facing extreme autumn costal weather, strong cold winds and annoying mushroom rain (seenevihm). Fortunately, we had not one, but two saunas to look forward to after we accepted the Käsmu exploration challenge.


We made 4 groups, each of which created a list of challenges and passed it over to the next group. The lists included awesome tasks like making a music video, singing in Estonian, creatively photographing popular places in Käsmu, hugging random trees/locals or communicating with them and making up stories on why mattresses get burned.


Love-hate relationship with the Estonian language (insert photo of Sam suffering)


We had novice and intermediate Estonian language groups. The novices learned all the important numbers like tuhat kaks (1002), kaksteist (12), nelikümmend kaks (42). They also learned conjugation and everyday phrases like “Sa oled kuum” – “Kas sa oled vallaline?” – “Ma armastan sind” – “Ma tahan süüa”. The intermediates struggled with and defeated the 14 Estonian cases.


Finally, the moment arrived that we had all been waiting for, and the whole group sprinted towards the heated sauna, ready to change into Adam and Eve’s costumes.

The End of 08.10.2016

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