Tallinn Day 3, 06/10/16

Tere! We are Silvi and Elisabeth, from Australia and Finland, respectively. On this day we became more acquainted with the beautiful city of Tallinn by visiting some important political and religious historical buildings. They say a picture says a thousand words so here we go…

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(Elisabeth) After the breakfast we had tour in Toompea castle and Estonian parliament. It’s so cool to see how different parts of Estonian history come together in one building. I also think that it’s must see for people with Estonian roots.

(Silvi) I found Estonian parliament very interesting because they have both president and prime minister in power with various duties to do for each of them. In Australia we just have the prime minister who represents the current party in power. On a completely different note, the aesthetic of the building was very stylish. I particularly liked the walls that amplify all sound, so that even if you whisper there are no secrets among the parliament.

(Elisabeth) We had amazing opportunity to see a bird’s eye view of Tallinn from the tower of Oleviste church. The climb to the top was quite tiring but it was worth it, if you don’t believe us just look at the picture.

(Silvi) For dinner we were set a challenge to create traditional Estonian dishes with no help from the Estonian natives. We chose mainly easy meals we were familiar with already and prepared them in smaller groups. It was really fun and the results weren’t too bad either. I experimented with the Sinep (hot mustard) and meat and I kind of regret it haha. The potato salad was really nice, and I love pretty much anything with black bread. The dinner was followed by a cultural exchange of foods like Australian vegemite, Canadian maple syrup cookies, American chocolate, Lithuanian candies, turkish pepper (from Finland) and so on. We also had some lovely Vana Tallinn, a very traditional and tasty Estonian liqueur.

After that some of us decided to go to the sauna, and others to bed to get some well-earned rest for the next day to come.

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